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Welcome to probably the greatest trial in Australia's beer-loving history – a selection of Aussies who taste and cast their verdict on various refreshing brews. It sounds as good as it tastes.

Will you be amongst them?

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How This Works

Follow the steps below and you may be called upon to trial and deliver your verdict on some of Australia's most wanted beers.

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Frequent deliberations

Who’s behind Brewery Duty?

Brewery Duty is a coalition of some of Australia's biggest beer brands. Brands that have decided it’s time to gather the opinions of the biggest beer experts in the world, Australians, for the betterment of their brews.

How do I get selected?

Fill the form and add your preference to your profile. The suitable jurors will be summoned and receive their beers. They’ll then submit their verdict for the good of all beerkind.

What must I do to participate?

You must have turned 18, live in Australia, and be suitable for our jury.